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My issue with judgmental people

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011 | Permalink

So I’m currently reading a lot of research and popular literature surrounding “issues of disagreement”, so to speak, when it comes to sexual health education.

I have an issue:

WHY do people care about stuff that doesn’t pertain to them?!?! Do I care about the couple sitting across from me making out and wondering if they will use a condom tonight? Well, yes… HOWEVER, I assume that because they are 18+ (I’m in a university right now) they have been equipped with healthy decision-making skills and/or are aware that free condoms are available at the health centre. Also, it’s SEX WEEK, (holla), so people should not be having any unsafe sex damn it!

WHY do assholes people care about petitioning things that have NOTHING to do with them?!?!?! For example, petitioning for a lower tuition as a university student makes PERFECT sense to me. Petitioning against hiring homosexual teachers at a school (I know! Ridiiiiiculous) makes no sense to me when you SHOULD be perfectly aware that a person’s sexual orientation does not negatively reflect his/her ability to teach. It probably makes them a more passionate teacher! Just saying… Because self-confidence and awareness is a beautiful thing that only makes someone stronger!! Be yourselves my friends. <3

WHYYYYY do bitches people care about picketing outside hospitals?!!!???? Like, if someone was having a really intense life or death situation surgery and people were holding signs that said “You can do it!” and “I believe in you!” and awesome stuff like that, then please continue to sing and dance outside of hospitals. That would be wicked actually. If I was in a situation like that and people were holding signs outside saying “I love you” and such, awwww… :)

What I MEAN is people who picket against abortion. Who are you? Seriously, who are you? Women have rights just like others to do whatever they please with their bodies. People make mistakes (unsafe sex, just saying), but keep your mothereffing opinion to yourself. Freedom of speech my ass. You are hurting people.

I only ever saw abortion pickets o television until I moved here. Now I see them all the time when I drive by the hospital. It makes me feel bad going in when I need a blood test! Go get educated my friends and stop blocking my way into the ultrasound room. (Exaggeration… but still).

WHY do people feel the need to preach against others? Don’t be judgmental. No one is defined by ONE decision he or she makes. As for sexual orientation, the decision is not to be gay/straight/bi/trans/black/white/penguin/hippo, it is to accept what you are BORN with: that is your sexual identity.

I can’t wait until we live in a world where no one cares and there aren’t even labels. I can’t wait to live in a world where people are people. Let’s make it happen.

Educate. Liberate. Celebrate! (Slogan from Vancouver 2010 Pride that I loooooove and want to marry).

Forgive my rant… I just find so much negativity around something so positive: Freedom of choice, Freedom of identity and self, and Freedom to live the life you want to live.

Stay safe, sexually speaking.

PS. Don’t GET me started on masturbation. If you’ve read any of my sex ed preachings, you know how I feel about the wonderful world of masturbation. Boys and girls: You will not die if you masturbate. Words of wisdom: Don’t do it on the subway. Keep it private kids.