So tell me what you want, what you really REALLY want

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Educational policy and curriculum drafts are heavily influenced by social factors. Such as? Um, society. Yes, this means YOU and ME.

We have the power to influence education because we are a part of it. As learners, we get a say in what goes down, to a certain extent.
Who are the ‘we’ folks I am specifically referring to?
*(other educational authority/influences)

Therefore, I have posted a vlog to express some of the desires of the community in terms of sexual health education and want WE want to know!! Also, I am wearing a gold tie. A video had to be made. You understand.

Stay safe. Sexually speaking.

Sexual Salsa

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Because I know everything, I decided to write up a nifty little “Hot or Not” column, Cosmo style. It came out in the school paper yesterday. Take a look! :)


Also hot.

Enjoy the hotness and stay safe, sexually speaking. I guess otherwise as well. I don’t want you to get hit by a bus. Stay safe!

Exploring, Questioning, Reflection – Am I ready?

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Resources are a beautiful thing. In this world wide web of knowledge, one can find everything from blogs about paste to encyclopedias with words that are 67 letters long. It’s fantastic.

Everyone is a sexual being, and thus, since we all have that common thread, one would think that this means there are a lot of sexual resources out there. Yes… there are!!

I recently stumbled upon this gorgeous site called which is a site that claims to be “your guide to the real world”. Naturally, I assumed there would be comprehensive, down to earth, sexual information. I was right… as I typically am.

On this site, one can find facts about sex and relationships, STIs, general health and wellness, safer sex, virginity facts, menstruation myths, and more!

I want to make reference to the section “Risky Sex“, because it makes me laugh.

He says he’ll pull out before he cums.
You trust a man to have willpower whilst he is orgasming? You shouldn’t. Would you remember to do anything other than ‘enjoy it’ whilst orgasming?

I don’t have any diseases. I don’t screw around.

HAH! Stop kidding yourself. People lie all the time. Go get a physical.

You’d do it if you loved me.
Slap any bitch who says this to you. You’d not use that line on me if you loved me, douchebag. *rolls eyes*. Love can cloud your judgment, and I understand this, but be aware of love’s shade over your eyes. Don’t let manipulative lines like this fool you. Know your values and your stance, and make sure your partner knows them too.

I was so out of it, I can’t really remember.
I’d advise you to go get checked and check if the condom in your purse is gone. Be careful mixing booze and sex. If you are not aware, anything can happen. Sketch.

Another interesting section to read on this site is Sex with a new partner. When you change partners, make sure you discuss values, limitations, and stances regarding sex. Not everyone is the same and you’d be surprised what you cannot ‘read’ on someone. I’ll give you a clue: their sexual preferences! Be open, honest, communicative, and confident about where you stand.

This site also mentions something I truly believe in:
When assessing whether or not one is ready for sex, think of this:
Are you afraid to carry a condom in your purse/wallet?
Are you afraid to talk about sex?
Comfort is key… so get comfortable about it.

Much more to come from this site, but check it out! It’s fantastic. Much like, is the reason I get up in the morning.

Advocating for staying safe, sexually speaking, TheSite and I bid you adieu… for now.

And now, I’m off to give a chat about Sexual Health and Relationships! Ah, Sex Week. :) Gotta love university.

Click, click, gasp: Pornography. There. I said it.

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The Good, the Bad, and the Sexual

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s a well-known fact,
Lots of people use pornography in various ways. Pornography is a popular form of sexual gratification. Pornography is a safe way to have a pleasurable experience, unless one is viewing violent and/or illegal pornography that leads to illegal acts. That is where the line is drawn. Nevertheless, porn is real and it is out there, and yet, porn is stigmatized and taboo. *sigh* Some people may think it vulgar to watch/listen to/look at porn. The media portrays viewing pornography as a bit of an abnormal thing. Why? Let’s uncover the taboo and embrace the various categories of safe, legal, and respected pornography.

Let me now entertain you with a discussion about people being naked and videotaped.
As requested by a friend who said “I dare you to write about porn”, let me now entertain you with a discussion about people being naked and videotaped. Dare me? Psh. I double-dare me:

The porngasm: How pornography has enhanced sex lives across vaginas everywhere! (Alright, penises too).

This article will explore some of the pros and cons of pornography and its access. It will also make reference to sexual expression over the internet in general. I will argue that in moderation, sexual expression over the internet (such as viewing pornography), as long as it remains autonomous (ie: masturbation and/or fantasy), is a healthy alternative for youth to release their inner sexual tendencies without the risk of unwanted pregnancy or STIs. CRABS! Stay in the ocean where you belong!

Sweet Jesus there is a lot of porn out there. My theory is if it exists all over the place, there must be good in it. Porn can be a sexual aid, a masturbatory aid, a hobby on Tuesday afternoon, or something that you don’t expect when you google sex education (I speak from experience).

Porn. When I say porn, I mean a plethora of things. Erotica, for example. Erotica is such a sophisticated word, and thus I use it often to sound like an academic.
Pornography can be viewed in a gendered lens when one considers the type of porn one uses. Word on the street is women are detailed creatures, and thus we softer sex enjoy us a good story… one where we can become the heroine, perhaps? Absolutely. Like when I read books (I am always Hermione whilst reading Harry Potter), women like to play the role in their erotic fantasies. Why think up something crazily hot when you can just read a harlequin novel that does all the wording for you? “And then Raul took Cora’s breast in his hand and slowly started to…” OMG!!!! I know, right? Hot.

Guys on the other hand enjoy them some sex. Fair enough. I can appreciate this directness. The zoom in of the genitals as they embrace is a little much for me, but hey, this is porn! There are no sexual rules! Guys are all about videos and sounds, whereas girls opt for stories and even pictures. The research I read distinguishing the gendered preferences of porn was quite fascinating; however, it is not always this way. Guys read. Girls listen. It’s all relative. Either way, porn is vast and both males and females enjoy the sexual seed planted in their mind via image or text. That is a hot ass pun right there.

Did YOU know that according to some potentially non-credible source (although it sounds believable), “every 39 minutes: a new pornographic video is being created in the United States” (Ropelato)? Really? Industrious. We know who the hard workers are in this society! Porn stars!! A girl’s gotta eat.
This site claims that the porn industry has a larger revenue than some top computer sites combined. Gasp? No. This makes sense. Porn is about sex. Who wouldn’t pay to watch a naked woman do things? isn’t about sex. You can search for sex, which one can argue is better and makes you feel like you’ve earned something, but still. Porn is everywhere and it’s enjoyed by a kajillion people all the time (right now, at least 6 people in my building are viewing porn… ten bucks says). Hey! Someone had to invent it. I wish it was me. I’d be eating gold and riding my pet dragon to my secret island in Fiji. Basically, I’d be so rich, people would cry from all the money I threw at them. And who doesn’t want to be the badass known for inventing pornography? Everyone wants to be that badass. Trust.

Sarah’s words of enchantment… and wisdom:

Here’s the thing about porn:
Although it’s cool and enjoyable to be able to google yourself an orgasm, beware of addiction. Online poker? That stuff is addicting. Porn? Even more so. Everything should be in moderation. Like masturbation, which I am a huge advocate of, these things should not impede your life. While you are in class, do not google porn, for the love of God. Especially in Calculus 101 because really, what does pornography have to do with Calculus?! It’s just my opinion, but as per usual, I am correct. If you are going to porn it up, do it in the comfort of your own home (or at the library… who am I to restrict), but just make sure to be aware of the fact that you probably have something important to do tomorrow. Porn yourself to sleep? It beats counting sheep.

Here’s the scoop

The good: Staying virtual is staying safe, sexually speaking.
The bad: Missing lunch AND dinner because of porn addiction. Yeeeesh.
The sexual: Sasha Grey.

Oh no you di-in’t just say penis to my 6 year old!

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Friends, family, lovers and other strangers,

How would YOU sculpt K-12 sex education?
I know how I would… something similar to my bffs over in Helena, Montana. Check out my article. Await more bitching over the topic.

Andddddd enjoy:

Huh?! Oral?

Pardonez-moi? ANAL?!


PS. The “So it it” typo is not ‘wrong’. It’s a puzzle to challenge YOUR intelligence. That is how proofread savvy I am. I left one in there. And/or: Clearly, something demonic swooped down and changed it to weaken my credibility, and/or: nobody’s perfect.

PSS. How hilarious is this dog’s face?

ABC, 123, you me and safe sex makes three!

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I decided to cute it up a bit and create a safe sex sing-a-long song. Much like times tables and french verbs, things are easier to remember when a fun song is involved.

This song will be played in Kindergarten Sex ed classes for generations to come. I can taste it. It tastes like spaghetti and meatballs. I must make dinner.

So enjoy my enchanting video and my ever-increasing technological badassery.
As the Disney princesses always say:
Stay safe, sexually speaking… and never forget your footwear (Cinderella…)

PS. The reason the sound is super soft is because of any reason other than anything that has to do with my inadequacy. It is supposed to be soft… for stylistic effect. I’m learning…

Sex ed controversy. Oh no you di-in’t!

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Greetings folks!

So I haven’t uploaded a video in a while, and/or experimented with my movie making device for quite some time… SO I DID! I learned how to make pretty word slides, so I did! Here is a video of me talking briefly about the “outrageous OMG” sex education curriculum in Helena Montana. The article I am referring to is below:

And here is one of the youtube responses to the curriculum:
^Y’all are uptight!

Anyway, keep reading and checking in for updates about this HORRENDOUSNESS. Teaching homosexuality to little kids? As if… calm down… go walk around in the real world and stop being so limiting and disrespectful, you giant ostriches…

Sex. (ed).

PS. Forgive the cut off of the words. This video is a whore. Click on the youtube one for a full size. Forgive its dumb ass.

To be or not to be KINKY

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Friends, family, lovers, strangers…

I wrote an article for the paper on breaking down social taboos in terms of sex. Sex is not as simple as insert and thrust. It really isn’t.

In our beautifully diverse world, there are thousands of ways to gain pleasure from another, or others… if you catch my drift.

Enjoy my article. I wrote it for YOU. Yes, you. The person reading. :)


PSS. Barbie bondage? Does it get more Fisher Price meets BDSM than THAT? I think not. Maybe bondage bear. My goal was to make the taboo things cute. I think I accomplished it. And/or freaked you out more. Either way, mission accomplished.

Stay safe, sexually speaking.

Let’s talk about trust, baby. Let’s talk about sex, just a little

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I have recently been emailed with a document on Sex Education practices in Malaysia.
Intrigued? Yes.

Alright, so my research is narrowed down to Canada, looking contextually at North American culture, values, and sex education practices. I find cross-cultural studies of sex education to be incredibly fascinating; however, I anticipate that writing on sex education and the world would be a hefty PhD task… not a teeny tiny Masters.

Instantly, one expects sex ed to be completely different on the other side of the world; in a Muslim country no less.

This article talks about using education to fight social ills. It also discusses the necessity of having safe and open environments for girls to discuss healthy relationships and sexual safety (ie: counselors).

One of the quotes that stood out to me as a parallel of Western cultural sex education practices was “with a holistic approach to sex education, we are presenting young people with the information and knowledge for them to make better choices when it comes to sex“.
^ Ummm, Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education ring a bell?! Chyea it does!!!

It does not surprise me that there are some universal policies in respect to sex education. Obviously, culture, environment, upbringing, and values play a very substantial role in the sex education instruction in Malaysia. For example, there is a strong sense of using education in order to stay away from sex. The goal is to reduce premarital sex, and specifically rape.

The similarity to Western culture is the emphasis on an open environment and someone to talk to about safety, specifically.
Also, how to have a healthy relationship without sex.

I think this is beautiful. I love that we are similar in our approaches, because as human beings, we are similar in our make up, regardless of values and external nurtured factors.

I highly support sex education for the purposes of reducing rape and being healthy and safe. This would be the top priority, of course! We all need a proper education on this stuff.

Step one: Encourage confidence, security, satisfaction, and empowerment within the student to comfortably make his/her own decisions

Read more: Teenage rape: Counselling, education vital to fight sex-related social ills

Sex (ed) with Sarah: male edition

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Good morning all!

Last night, I was honoured with the privilege of going to one of the residences at school and speaking to guys about safer sex. I brought oodles of pamphlets and a carton of condoms, and it was all very well received.

At the end of the demonstration… clearly, I rocked the condoms on a banana ordeal…
After that, I was interviewed by the lovely Brian about what I brought and some of my views about safe sex.
How celebrity am I? SO celebrity, it scares people.

So here is the “male edition” of Safer Sex ed. The female edition will be coming soon.

Stay safe! (sexually speaking).