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Let’s all get pregz! Helllllllllllllllll NO.

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So I recently watched this movie called The Pregnancy Pact. It’s your typical Lifetime made-for-tv movie about sex ed in a small town in Massachusetts. It’s got all my favourite things: an INYOURFACE life lesson, sub-par acting, and it’s made-for-tv so you KNOW it’ll win an Oscar.

Anyway, I read the title in passing and thought, I MUST watch this because I HAVE to know what the hell a pregnancy pact is. Turns out, the movie is based on a true story. WHAT?! Reason number 2 to watch this beast.

In short: The setting is a highschool in smalltown Gloucester, Massachusetts. It’s a strict Catholic town in which birth control is frowned upon and sex is an “ears plugged I don’t hear you I don’t see it happening it’s not happening” kind of thing.
There’s a clique of a handful of 15 year old girls at school who are attached at the hip. One day, one of the girls gets pregnant and says “Omg guys, you should get pregnant too. It’s awesome! Our kids will all be girls and they can be BFFs like us, OMG LOLZ 😉 :P.” Mhmm.
I wonder where this is going.
So this is the “pregnancy pact” that these girls come up with. ….On with the show.

The main girl’s mom is the president of some Family Values council who raises funds for daycare at the local highschool because SO  many goddamn girls are pregnant and having children. And you know, instead of spending like $20 on 4372975 condoms that’ll solve the pregnancy AND potential STI problems (!!!!!), let’s throw thousands of dollars into funding a free daycare for teen girls who are getting pregnant because it’s “cool”. Mhmm.

I’ll just leave this here:

So I bust out the popcorn (rice crackers… I’m in Abu Dhabi and I have no microwave… I make do) and I kick back and start the film. As I’m watching, I’m hearing wickedly wonderful “sex ed textbook” lines, so I HAVE to stop and grab a pen.

I bet you can guess that the main girl in the movie gets pregnant and her mom’s all “What?! But I preach abstinence until marriage and you would never! YOU WOULD NEVER! OMGGGGG. Well, a baby is God’s gift and it’s alllllll good”. Mhmm.

So anyway,  I really just wanted to quote some lines from the movie and add my educated and severely opinionated commentary for your entertainment/to expand your knowledge of teen pregnancy and its rise and misconceptions and all that jazz, so here you are:

Memorable quotes and LOL/WTFs from The Pregnancy Pact

The mother on her daughter’s boyfriend: “He’s got good morals and he goes to church”
The dad on his daughter’s boyfriend: “He’s still a 17 year old boy”

Can I get a hell yes right now please?! How GOOD is this. Okay, church is lovely. I’ve been. You get to sing sweet songs about Jesus and everyone smiles at you. Also, you typically dress up, and who doesn’t like to look swank on a Sunday, but BITCH PLEASE. Let me tell you something — dicks have minds. Dicks don’t go to church. Dicks go wherever they want. ….I could go on.
Let me say THIS: Boys have dicks. When they’re all puberating and shit, let me tell you, their dick is just as powerful as their brains/hearts… let’s be honest, dicks are probably more powerful. You could be Jesus’s cousin and your dick would still be like SEXSEXSEXSEXSEXSEX. It’s up to YOU to control that shit. But it’s probably hard when you’re young and horny. <– PUN ALERT!

Girl’s boyfriend on their relationship staying strong (he says this as he caresses her in the hopes of sex): “It’ll work out, trust me.”

My prediction: They break up. End of movie: He’s with another chick because the main character lies to him and purposefully gets pregnant and he freaks out because of lack of trust… Legit.

The conservative mom to a journalist who blogs about teen issues and asks for an interview: “It [teen pregnancy and sex] is not an appropriate subject matter for a blog.”

Read my website, asshole. I dare you to say it ain’t appropriate. Bitch, I will cut you. Kids, teens, youth, people NEED a source of valid information about sex, options, and issues related to all this sexuality business. Teens need a place to ask questions and feel comfortable emailing/asking anonymous questions in the hopes of a truthful, non-biased answer. Mother in movie, your ass is biased! Get out!! 

“Birth control is a private family matter that should stay out of school.”

I agree that birth control should be a family matter as in communication lines should be open and comfortable for a youth to talk to their parents/siblings about sex and safety. However, it should stay out of school? You think sex stays out of school? Bitch, please. You think 15 year old Cindy is playing hopscotch and painting her friend’s nails at lunch time? Bitch, please. She’s probably asking her friend what a blowjob is. JUST SAYIN! And that’s not a bad thing. Knowledge is power. Knowledge keeps us safe and aware of risk. Condoms are knowledge. Collect them. In all colours. 

The main character, a 15 year old girl, at her first ultrasound appointment after getting pregnant: “Do I really have to let a doctor look down there?”

This bitch can’t even say vagina and she’s pregnant! My dear!!! Yes, yes you do. You will also have pap tests and other things. Maybe one day you’ll have a vag wax and an aesthetician will look down there too. It’s cool! All women have vaginas my friend. Sarah’s tip: If you can’t say vagina or let a doctor look at it, don’t let a boy look at it! I like that… that should be on a t-shirt. 

Teenager girls at school who are pregnant: “In the old days, girls our age had kids!”

Although this is true, the “old days” were a different time where teens matured quickly and grew up in a different era. Nowadays, I feel like kids are more immature than ever. Myself included. Hell, I’m almost 26 and I’M not ready for a baby. I still call my mama and whine about stupid shit. I’m still growing into a functioning adult. My husband puts up with me… how? I’m adorable. 😉 :)
So bottom line: We live in a different world and 30 is the new 25; therefore, logic states that 20 is the new 15 etc. etc. and so “actually 15” means you are most definitely a child, and children should not have children… at least not THESE children in the movie. They are super immature. (They drink while pregnant!!! I cringed when I saw this. Don’t drink while pregnant. Ever.)

Teenage girls at school getting pregnant for fun: “I love babies! I wish I had a baby!” *later after baby is born* “It hurts SO bad! Why won’t it stop crying?!”

Have you ever heard of babysitting? I did it for years and it was excellent. Play mom for like 3 hours and then STOP. Also, if you feel like getting pregnant, here’s a tip for Halloween: Dress up as Charlotte from Charlotte’s web. She’s a pregnant spider! You can pretend you are pregnant for a night! I did it! It was fun. I convinced a couple of people I was like 9 months pregnant too!  And here’s a flattering aka terrible photo of my bitchin’ costume and very faux pregnant belly a few Halloweens ago.

Me as a pregnant spider on Halloween. Look how REAL it looks, and it’s NOT! Kids love to play pretend. PRETEND to be pregnant, you immature children! I did it and I’m an adult!


You’re welcome baby-fever teens who aren’t ready to have babies or be pregnant. I have found solutions to your baby problems!
#1 – Babysit other people’s children. They are ready to be parents and I’m sure would LOVE a night off as parenting is a difficult 24/7 job.
#2 – Dress up as a pregnant girl/spider for Halloween and pretend you are pregnant for the evening. Hell, stuff a pillow in your shirt and go to the mall on a Tuesday and make people open doors for you. Cut in line at a Starbucks demanding an iced tea for your baby. *pause* I might do this today… it sounds fun.


SO all in all, this movie was very informative and had A LOT of information about sex ed. I think it’s an excellent movie to showcase the naivety of teens and youth on the pros and cons of sex and relationships. Lifetime, I love you. And I enjoyed this movie. The only thing I didn’t like was how it still ended on a very “sex vs. religion” note, and was very obviously pro-choice which is a biased view of options for sexual health, but hey, what can you do? It stills works to convince me that communicating to youth about sex and relationships is necessary to stop unwanted teen pregnancy.

Sarah’s words of wisdom: Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool. Think twice before you grab a slice… of sex.

Stay SUPER safe, sexually speaking
With love,
Sarah “pregnancy isn’t for everybody” Wun



My issue with judgmental people

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So I’m currently reading a lot of research and popular literature surrounding “issues of disagreement”, so to speak, when it comes to sexual health education.

I have an issue:

WHY do people care about stuff that doesn’t pertain to them?!?! Do I care about the couple sitting across from me making out and wondering if they will use a condom tonight? Well, yes… HOWEVER, I assume that because they are 18+ (I’m in a university right now) they have been equipped with healthy decision-making skills and/or are aware that free condoms are available at the health centre. Also, it’s SEX WEEK, (holla), so people should not be having any unsafe sex damn it!

WHY do assholes people care about petitioning things that have NOTHING to do with them?!?!?! For example, petitioning for a lower tuition as a university student makes PERFECT sense to me. Petitioning against hiring homosexual teachers at a school (I know! Ridiiiiiculous) makes no sense to me when you SHOULD be perfectly aware that a person’s sexual orientation does not negatively reflect his/her ability to teach. It probably makes them a more passionate teacher! Just saying… Because self-confidence and awareness is a beautiful thing that only makes someone stronger!! Be yourselves my friends. <3

WHYYYYY do bitches people care about picketing outside hospitals?!!!???? Like, if someone was having a really intense life or death situation surgery and people were holding signs that said “You can do it!” and “I believe in you!” and awesome stuff like that, then please continue to sing and dance outside of hospitals. That would be wicked actually. If I was in a situation like that and people were holding signs outside saying “I love you” and such, awwww… :)

What I MEAN is people who picket against abortion. Who are you? Seriously, who are you? Women have rights just like others to do whatever they please with their bodies. People make mistakes (unsafe sex, just saying), but keep your mothereffing opinion to yourself. Freedom of speech my ass. You are hurting people.

I only ever saw abortion pickets o television until I moved here. Now I see them all the time when I drive by the hospital. It makes me feel bad going in when I need a blood test! Go get educated my friends and stop blocking my way into the ultrasound room. (Exaggeration… but still).

WHY do people feel the need to preach against others? Don’t be judgmental. No one is defined by ONE decision he or she makes. As for sexual orientation, the decision is not to be gay/straight/bi/trans/black/white/penguin/hippo, it is to accept what you are BORN with: that is your sexual identity.

I can’t wait until we live in a world where no one cares and there aren’t even labels. I can’t wait to live in a world where people are people. Let’s make it happen.

Educate. Liberate. Celebrate! (Slogan from Vancouver 2010 Pride that I loooooove and want to marry).

Forgive my rant… I just find so much negativity around something so positive: Freedom of choice, Freedom of identity and self, and Freedom to live the life you want to live.

Stay safe, sexually speaking.

PS. Don’t GET me started on masturbation. If you’ve read any of my sex ed preachings, you know how I feel about the wonderful world of masturbation. Boys and girls: You will not die if you masturbate. Words of wisdom: Don’t do it on the subway. Keep it private kids.

Menstruation is still a sensation!

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The Museum of Menstruation and Women’s Health is a website about the history of menstruation and focuses on topics surrounding women’s health and positivity in the inevitable experiences in a woman’s life.

I am on the Museum of Menstruation and Women’s Health website!!!

I recently submitted my article about the beauty of periods to a website that embraces menstruation. The website editor evidently enjoys my writing and published me on the site!
My name will be known!!! There is also a link to my blog at the bottom of my essay. Brill. Thanks dude. I appreciate the publication.

Summary: Periods are inevitable. Enjoy them.

The purpose of my article is to address growth and development in a sex positive way. My thesis encourages advocating the positivity of sexuality, so I thought this was relevant. Also, I can’t get enough of the period. .___. I mean…

Stay safe, sexually speaking.
–Sarah Always ultra pads Bryant

SWEET JESUS Ontario 7-8 Health and Phys Ed curriculum!

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Alright, so I have been debating whether or not to analyze Ontario’s sexual health education curriculum along with British Columbia’s. I now know it MUST be done.

Ontario recently revised the Elementary Health and Phys Ed curriculum in 2010. Well done my home sweet home!

According to the overall and specific outcomes of the Healthy Living portion of Health education, By the end of Grade 7 students will:

•identify the methods of transmission and the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and ways to prevent them;

Sarah’s commentary: Alright. Necessary. I approve.

• use effective communication skills (e.g., refusal skills, active listening) to deal with various relationships and situations;

Sarah’s commentary: Okay… such as “Don’t touch my vagina right now” and “I hear what you are saying, but I must abstain as the curriculum tells me to…” Right? Nevertheless, I still agree with effective communication. Okay.

explain the term abstinence as it applies to healthy sexuality;

Sarah’s commentary: …. AND?!?!?!?! What ELSE? Birth control? These children are 12. Some of them have developed breasts! Some of them are on their period RIGHT now… Explain abstinence? That’s IT?!

• identify sources of support with regard to issues related to healthy sexuality (e.g., parents/guardians, doctors).

Sarah’s commentary: Because teachers are scared to say so? Or because policy states teachers shouldn’t say so? Should we get nurses in the class telling kids what a penis is and how it works? Why is it this all has to be left up to doctors… it’s SO clinical. Parents, YES! But some won’t… so what then?

These are not the only outcomes, but the ones which I thought were important and/or curious.

Under grade 8 (alright… we are 13 years old now… or approaching this age. TEENS! Has anything changed?), it states

By the end of Grade 8, students will:

explain the importance of abstinence as a positive choice for adolescents;

Sarah’s commentary: Among others? This is limiting! *hiss*

• identify symptoms, methods of transmission, prevention, and high-risk behaviours related to common STDs, HIV, and AIDS;

• identify methods used to prevent pregnancy;

Sarah’s commentary: Such as?

apply living skills (e.g., decision-making, assertiveness, and refusal skills) in making informed decisions, and analyse the consequences of engaging in sexual activities and using drugs;

Sarah’s commentary: LOL! Living skills. HOLD THE PHONE!!! Here is my issue: Ladies and gentlemen and people who create policy and curriculum, PLEASE do not lump sex and drugs into the same bullet. Drugs are horrid things. No one should do cocaine ever. Sex is not a horrid bad thing… so don’t you DARE put them under the same thing. Yes, they both have consequences, but so does swimming after you eat, and you sure as hell wouldn’t say swimming and drugs are related, WOULD YOU?!?!?! Drugs. WHOLE other story. Give it a new bullet, a new topic/subject area, hell… even a new lesson, please!!

• identify sources of support (e.g., parents/guardians, doctors) related to healthy sexuality issues.

Dear Ontario,

Don’t be vague and give sex some positivity. Students are afraid of negative things… More commentary to come.

Dear Ontario again,

I am not scowling at you because you are doing something wrong. I commend anyone who writes curriculum; however, there are a couple of things that are too vague and will be left up to teacher discretion, causing misinformation, misguidance, and an overall inconsistent teaching and learning. Love you. <3

Yours capable,

the newest policy analyst to your team? I’ll let you know when I publish my Master’s thesis, then we’ll talk?

Dear Secondary Schools,

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Dear secondary schools,

Hi. I’m Sarah. I volunteer for Options for Sexual Health in Kelowna, British Columbia. It is an excellent place where we educate, celebrate, and shower youth with positive vibes and birth control such as condoms and ‘the pill’.

Why we are awesome

We are realistic, positive, and understanding. Youth are curious about sex. We are cool with that.

Why you should let us in your schools:

I just recently helped out at Sexual Health Day on the Okanagan college campus as part of Options for Sexual Health. It was a blast. Youth 18+ deserve information and resources about sex. Not many people would argue against this. There are plenty of resources and information and education for students in post-secondary institutions. What about kids in school who are just curious and inquisitive? What about Sally who has a question about foreplay? What about Billy who wants to know why erections happen? What about Steven who wants to know how to tell his parents he is gay? What about all of those kids whose questions are not being answered in straight up safety and prevention health ed classes where sex ed is barely touched on? What about these same kids who are spending their Friday nights confused about whether or not they are ‘allowed’ to kiss, etc.?

OPT is gorgeous. I work there. I would LOVE to come to your school and motivate kids to be positive and confident in their sexual identity. I would LOVE to teach girls that their menstrual cycles are beautiful things and tell guys that every male gets erections and to embrace these bodily changes! I would LOVE to smile and sing and know that sexual health education is being progressive, transformative and effective, and that it is changing people’s lives for the better. I would LOVVVVVEEEE to say that we are embracing another sexual revolution and everyone is okay with what is going on in the world (sexually).

Can I please come to your school? KSS, I’m talking to YOU! First stop, colleges and universities, which are now informed about STIs and how to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Next stop, secondary schools: places where kids are silently asking for sex education from people who are not afraid to say “sex happens. Let’s deal”.

A stop after that? Middle school.

Dear schools,
My name is Sarah. And students, youth, kids, and others are reading this blog… and agreeing. Let credible, comprehensive information into your schools. Let it be.

Your favourite sexual education enthusiast,
Sarah Abstinence-is-only-an-option-not-the-only-option Bryant

PS. Condoms are not scary.