I am Proud

So I decided to record my poetry as was once recommended to me at an Inspired Word reading about a year ago. It’s really a brilliant idea.

This poem is about being proud of yourself. I wrote it right around the time I was going to Vancouver Pride in 2010. I was inspired by so many proud individuals who were so comfortable with themselves. It’s really important to be proud of who you are. You are the only YOU that exists so be proud of that! To relate to the overall theme of this website, be proud of your sexuality. I’m not just talking about LGBTQ; I’m talking about being proud of your values, opinions, experiences, and passions about sex and relationships. Do you value healthy relationships? Of course you do! Be proud of that.

I love diversity so therefore it’s safe to say I love sexual diversity! I love comfort and pride, so here is a poem that I am very proud of:

I am Proud – A Poem (Please click here for the youtube link).

This is supposed to be the artwork for the podcast. You may gaze at my art masterpiece as you listen to my powerful words… if you so choose. :)
P.S. It is supposed to say “FREEDOM”, which is does, I assure you. My camera cut it off because it’s not proud of itself…

Feel free to email me at sarah@educationsexpectations.com with questions, comments and ideas.

Stay safe, sexually speaking

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