Questioning Abstinence

Abstinence: What’s the deal?

Here are some issues I have with abstinence-only education and the murky definition of abstinence in general.

Why is abstinence not just another method of birth control?

Why is it assumed that students are going to have sex/need to abstain/will have sex and regret it?

Why is sex a bad thing?

Why is abstinence the only way to remain ‘pure’ (Valenti, 2010)?

What is abstinence? Why is the definition so grey?

How long should I abstain? When can I decide against it? What if I never want to get married? What if I never get married?

Am I allowed to kiss? What am I allowed to do? Why? Why not? (See Maxwell, 2008 “Sexual Health Information for Teens” for more on abstinence and definitions).


Thoughts? Abstinence… to abstain from.. sex? Or from everything sex related? Philosophy, for the win.

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