Love your face in black lace!

MY people,

I’ve been MIA for over a YEAR! I apologize profusely. For those of you who know me, I met someone, I was rapidly writing my amazingly amazing (now complete) Master’s thesis, I did four thousand other things that impeded me from keeping up with my blog, including got married — THANK YOU!!!

So anyway, I am BACK. Sarah, who still loves sex education even though she is currently living in a beyond conservative part of the world — hey girl, I’m in the Middle East! Yes, I am also teaching English in Abu Dhabi.


However, yesterday I had a revelation. I was washing dishes in a black lacy thing when I realized something. These past few months (I’ve been in Abu Dhabi for two months and culture shock, among other things, has caused me to become a tad depressed and confused), I have had to garnish myself in long sleeved shirts and long skirts so has to hide my “sinful” elbows and knees (the horror… — on the contrary, I love that I don’t have to shave my legs!!).

So YESTERDAY, I decided to frolic about in my black lacy thing. It had NOTHING to do with sex and everything to do with confidence. I washed the hell out of those dishes, happily. I looked super good and felt super good.

Tell me this isn’t effing beautiful?!?!

Here’s my point: Everyone needs black lace. Trust me, I am looking mighty homely lately, but DAMN IT when I put on my black lace, I felt so incredible. My husband says he loves me in anything (awwww), but no one can doubt the treasured feeling of the black lace. Whether it be underwear, a nighty, an overshirt, a scarf, or gloves… black lace knows what the hell it’s doing!

And JUST because this blog is partially about sex, I may as well throw out the idea that black lace is sexy beyond belief! To everyone, ever.

I dig it.

If you are confident, life is just better… sexually speaking AND otherwise. :)

Black lace is undoubtedly empowering. Maybe you prefer red? Red also works. White? Purple? Lace is a beautiful thing. As women, we must sometimes surrender to the beauty of super female-y things, such as lace.

Men in lace? I’d dig it… LACE IS POWERFUL! I want to wear my black lace all the time. With red lipstick. And a tight bun. Business woman chic. HOT!

Alas, that’s enough of that.

It’s great to be back. I’ll try to blog here but alas I have little to no internet in the desert.

The new and improved, Sarah

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